Friday, 29 May 2015

Last Year (2014) Ireland - Chasing a double!

Memories and yes this post is very late, but thinking about this year.....

After fishing the Irish Bass Festival (2014) and blanking.........a trip was arranged to go back in the autumn!

Waiting and watching reports the time came to get packed up and make the journey to the emerald isle for a few days; the weather wasn't great leading up to the trip, but the ferry had been booked and accommodation paid for!

I've been chasing a double figure bass for endless years in the UK on a lure and it's still haunting me!
So what does Mark Padfield do......? Go and catch a bass of 13lb 6oz off the top on a surface lure....salt in the wound but what a fish and the memories of the fight it put up will stay with me forever.

We named his fish 'Bubba', as you can see a slight deformity giving it a stubbed nose.

Bubba might have been ugly but look at the babes she hang's around with. I had a red letter day two days after this with a bass measuring 77cm and weighing 11lb on the nose, smashing my PB, nearly doubling it. 

This was followed up with a 70cm weighing 7lb 8oz, I was completely made up.
Though I wasn't finished, I then spanked a 76cm bass which weighed even more than my previous double at 11b 8oz, another PB.

Total length 223cm, thats about 7'4" of bass not including the cheeky little three pounder I also caught.

Red letter day!
Days and trips like these....This was a first for me to catch like this and I will never forget this trip.

A great deal of appreciation goes out to the others in the group which made it such a great journey; Mark Padfield, Joe, Tom, Martin & Steve. Great company and well here's to this year!

A thanks to Blair Woodland who we met whilst fishing and he did a report for Sea Angler.

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