Sunday, 19 May 2013

Its been a while!

Time has disappeared....

It has been a long winter, but the time is getting closer to cast a line again for the bass. Lots of things to get ready, cleaning the tackle I forgot to do last time I used it.......

Trebles to replace, lures to clean up, soft baits to rig, spool up new line on reels and generally get everything in order.

Lots of new lures to try this year - I had a great trip to Florida and spent way to much time in Bass Pro, well that's what the family said?

Soft baits, hard baits all waiting to hit the water and hopefully catch the returning fish.

Some of the new lures from the States are listed below:
Hard baits;
  • KVD (Kevin VanDam) Sexy Dawg in both sizes / colours 'Blue Gizzard' & 'Sexy Ghost Minnow'.
  • KVD jerbait HCKVDJ200 / colours in 'Clearwater Minnow', 'Silver TN Shad' & 'Sexy Ghost Minnow'.
  • A couple of Bomber poppers.
  • Heddon - Spook / One Knocker 'Foxy Shad/G-Fin'.
  • Lucky Craft - Sammy100 'MS Aurora Shad'.
Soft baits;
  • Bass Assassin 6" 'Black Shad Twitch' & 'Silver Phantom'.
  • Yum 5" Money Minnow 'Pearl Black Back'.
  • Trigger X 4 1/2" 'Pearl' Slop Hopper.
  • Berkley Gulp 5 1/2" Sand eel ' Silver Mud'.
  • Lunker City 4 1/2" Slug-Go 'AYU'
  • Lunker City 6" Slug-Go 'Smelt', Ice Shad' & 'Golden Shiner'.
I few other smaller items were added whilst in Florida......Costa glasses and a couple of lure bags, which I was finding hard to get what I was after in the UK!

Well, what else has been happening?

Of course how could I resist the lures from my favourite lure shop on the South Coast....Chesil Bait 'n' Tackle 
The shop is outstanding on the lure front, rods, reels, and as many lures as you'll ever need (unless you're as addicted to me).

I have added a Shimano Sustain 4000 to the armoury this year; 
This range is easy to be identified by its a stylish new black and Chrome finish that incorporates features like X-Ship, Aerowrap and A-RC line management spool. Its CI4 rotor ensures this reel to be lightweight!
  • X-ship providing rigidity and tremendous amount of crancking power
  • "Magnumlite" CI4 rotor making the reel lighter in weight and providing enormous smooth rotation
  • AR-C spool reducing backlash
  • New Rapid Fire drag allowing the anglers to quickly adjust drag to ideal setting during fight
  • Approved for saltwater use
Add to this Sunline 'Super Braid' in 20lb and I'm almost set to go. Forgot to mention, you get a spare spool as well!

I normally get to the shop once a week to see if anything new has come in?
I have gathered quite a 'collection'....over the winter.
To mention a few;
There are a few more....but that's enough for here!

The past winter I have been fishing the 'Winter Championship' matches on the river with Gillingham & District Angling Association , it has been great to meet up with some old friends again and fish the river Stour where my fishing started. I will be back there this winter, but I will also be there this summer once the season starts.
Good numbers of chub, roach, perch, dace & bream. The summer will be great moving from swim to swim, lure and bait.

Rods....Not quite caught up from last years delays, but I will get there. Some new pictures to come, just need the time?

Hopefully the next few posts will be with rods and fish, thanks for reading.



  1. Should be back posting more often! Just need the time to fish also......but all geared up and ready to hit the water this season, back on the bass. Many thanks Richard

  2. Like you, it's also been a while for me to go for some Vanuatu gamefishing that's why I think I have to do it again. You gave me an idea when I saw these soft and hard baits. Now I'm excited to go out and fish again!



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