Monday, 1 October 2012

Mixing it up!

As the title suggests, last weekend was a mix of LRF (light rock fishing) / MRF (medium rock fishing) or M'uRFing as Will Harding and myself have been calling it!
Will has talked about MuRFing on his blog, click the link on his name to find out.

I have been using a 1-7g rod that has a higher line class rating, this has been allowing me to have the power to put down on some of the 4lb pollack that I have been connecting with. The rod has a solid carbon tip that can be from 7ft to just a little over 8ft. It is a fast action rod that gives that little bit more when required yet still allows me to fish for the smaller species if I'm changing venues, saves on carrying two rods!

Ecogear Power Isome / pink-large catching the pollack again.

This was the Saturday evening with pollack and wrasse being the main species taken between Will and I, only a short session but as always the short trip is worth more than not getting out at all. Travelling light and being able to move and adapt to venue and fish species in front of you being the key to catching.

Sunday morning gave me the chance to meet up with Andy (Hooks, Lines & Sinkers) and his mate Nobby, this trip has been long awaited for them to come down and fish this end of Dorset. The weather window was going to be short with the increasing wind, but we knew there was space to fit in a few hours before the change made conditions to difficult.
A 5am meet with myself being a couple minutes late! Then the choosing of weapons for the session (should of done this the night before, but due to being fishing didn't get time....), and off we went. The wind was noticeable as we walked to the start of the target area, catching up on the past few weeks since there return from Cornwall after there annual boys jolly fishing trip...
Nothing like the anticipation of what the day is going to bring, south westerly and first light fish always going to be a good chance, after a few casts first schoolie landed, game on!
The light increased and Andy had a couple on a Duo Tide Vib Slim, so after another 30 minutes time for the breakfast and chat.
Another chance to switch lures from a different box!

After breakfast, the first cast produced? What I hear you say, well it flew alright.........

Seagull landed!

No sooner had my lure hit the water and I looked down to flip the bail arm and this juvenile gull swooped on the lure, I'm sure he/she won't be doing this again in a hurry....No damage done, the bird was caught in the line and the hooks of the lure were over its beak, gull released safely.

Time to start the walk back. The wind was now gusting and the seas white water increasing, this was just looking so bassy. Nobby had the first on the return journey followed by myself, hard work walking and fishing into a 25mph+ headwind, but the effort paid off.

Only small, but perfectly formed.

Pictures of the above LRF rod to follow, but here are some images of a custom 6ft 9' / 1-4lb / 0.2-3.5g rod from last week.
The rod is finished in black & gold with a carbon tube screw up reel seat. EVA fore grip and a custom cork rear grip. Guides - Fuji alconites & Matagi rod components. 

Lots more rod pictures on the Dorset Fishing Rods Facebook page, so come and join us on FB if you want to take a look.

Thank you for reading.


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