Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Take a look at the link above to see the Komomo II in action. I just love this lure and admit to being a lure addict! I own a few of them........ 

Just a quick trip to the shop today - Chesil Bait 'N' Tackle or you can find them on Facebook
I knew they had just got the Komomo II flashing plate in and after a phone call to say keep one back, I just couldn't help myself! Like sweets in the sweet shop, I have a sweet tooth; so as you can guess I walked away with more than one lure!

Plans are made for some bass fishing over the next week or so, so please let the weather be nice to us and give me that chance of some decent bass. 

Bora Mullet

Chameleon Flashing Plate

This will be the latest addition to my DUO collection, The extra weight and shape hold this lure stable in rougher turbulent water. 

DUO - Tide Minnow SURF (H-91)

Megabass XLAYER
One of my favourite soft plastics and easy to use/rig. This lure is great at catching bass and comes in a variety of colours to tempt more than just the fish! 

Megabass XLAYER 41/2' in AURORA SHAD

Megabass XLAYER 41/2' in GLOW BLUE

I'm sure I'll be back in the shop again before I get on the water and as always the lures will catch me first!

YES, I have a problem.....I am a lure addict....thanks for reading.

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