Monday, 10 September 2012

A few recent reviews.

After a busy summer of holidays, fishing and hectic children (now back to school) it's time for a few recent reviews to be put on the blog.

Many thanks to:

Tom at Toms Fishing Blog - Toms rod - this was on the 9ft, 8-28g St Croix Legend Elite blank. This isn't very often that this happens, I didn't take any pictures!!!! Tom has a few on the blog, the rod is finished in black/gold wraps with a decorative carbon black/gold tube between the split grip. Fuji VSS reel seat with Pacific Bay minima 4 guides in TiCH/TiCH.

Will at Next Generation Angling - Will's rod was a Tenryu Injection, it still is the same blank but with the DFR twist!
The changes - all the red paint was removed, then re-coated with a clear resin for a gloss finish. Decorative carbon tube in the split grip area to match the carbon check design on the original tip section. Colour and wraps in black/silver to match up with the Matagi rod components. Fuji VSS reel seat in the screw up position with slim Japanese high density EVA. Metal work is in gun metal colours to match the tip of the butt section metal cap. Pacific Bay minima 4 guides in TiCH/TiCH. The decals were added to match Will's blog. The tip wraps are in an off white colour to help aid Will seeing the tip when led down on the ground or for quick tip/bite detection. The butt cap on this rod was custom made with a hole for a lanyard ro be connected if required.

Danny at Lure Fishing, A Diary of Danny & Friends - Danny's rod was on a T-Russell blank, these are blanks that I have ranged for HRF (hard rock fishing). There are 4 in the range with plenty of power in the lightest 14lb class up to 30lb class with casting ranges from 8-25g to 10-40g, all at 7ft 6'.
The rod that Danny has is the 20lb class casting 8-30g, it is a butt jointed rod which allows for the power when required for the wrasse. Colour wraps and design in red, black & silver. Matagi rod components in red & silver with decorative carbon tube under the VSS Fuji reel seat. This rod has a Tiger wrap in the split grip, when layered out this gives real depth and a 3D lift on the look when moving the rod hense the name of a Tiger Wrap. Pacific Bay minima 4 guides in TiCH/TiCH.
Personalized decals with Danny's name and the included text of 'Evil Wrasse Cult'.

I must show the pictures of this 8lb 3oz bass caught in Ireland earlier this year from one of my customers, it was caught on the St Croix Avid series blank and made for a great fishing holiday for Frank in Ireland on the Copper Coast.

Thanks for reading.

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