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Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel - review SL25PTI

Quantum Smoke PT Spinning Reel - review SL25PTI

"The revolution continues in 2012 with the new Smoke PT spinning series. A new design utilizing our new C4LF TM carbon fiber rotor and CSC TM drag system creates one of the lightest and best performing spinning reels ever." (From the Quantum website

Really enjoying using this reel this year, I have gone down in size from the 3000's or 4000's from Shimano, Okuma & Diawa.

It is very lightweight, only weighing 7.5oz's (210g), the SL30PTI only weighs in at 7.8oz's (218g). I had looked at the EXO PTI, but preferred the look of the all black Smoke!

There is plenty of room on the spool, I had to back out a 125yd (114m) of Stren Sonic Braid in 20lb test (.21mm), the info states 150yds of 8lb fits this spool size. The line lay is good with a very smooth drag, the drag is rated to 16lb which is the same on the '25 as on the '30.

The design is on the minimalist side with weight saved where not required on the frame, the first concerns of dirt or small stones getting in under the spool have not happened in the trips out so far. EVA grip, leading into the skeletal handle & very little play between the handle and main body.
The reel only comes with one spool, which seems to be the way with most reels these days, again down side if you like to switch between different lb braids or mono & braid. The last few reels I have purchased from other manufacturers have been the same, no spare spools!

To round it up, I am more than happy! Check out Chesil Bait 'n Tackle to purchase this item, not forgetting this shop most probably has one of the largest selection of lures for sale on the south coast!

The technical specs! 

Gear ratio - 5.2:1
Line capacity - 150yds. / 8lb
Max drag - 16lb
Bearings - 9+1
Weight 7.5oz


  1. Looks and sounds the dogs danglies Rich... I want one!!

  2. Could you tell me how how the Smoke in 2500 size compares to an Okuma reel in 2000 size, or even maybee a picture? I´d be very happy if this was possible.




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