Saturday, 10 September 2011

31 bass, 10 macky & 1 scad! 9/9/11

The first trip in a while since having the operation on my hand proved very worthwhile! A lot of time & fish to make up for.

About a 7 mile walk in a freshening wind saw more than any other session I have ever had. The sea was quite clear, which was surprising after the southerly/westerly winds that have been blowing onto the south coast. A gap of a day or so in between saw the only opportunity for me to get out. Clear water with just a small amount of weed floating about.

Nothing big, most around 2lb with the better ones going 3-4lb. Very spirited fights by all fish in a slightly choppy sea.

Natural coloured lures worked well -

Above, Tackle House Nodes in 150 & 130. Custom Feed Shallow Plus! An old lure that leaks, so sinks a bit, battered with a pearl coating.

Used my Hokkaido lures for the first time, worked well and fish landed on them, for the money what more can you ask? Very good lures with a finish to shame some of the more expensive ones out there. The local tackle shop in Weymouth, Chesil Tackle N Bait has them in stock.

Used the Trio that was stripped and cleaned! Well after this session, it has given up, worn away and knackered gears!Lol. New reel on its way in a couple of weeks, can't wait!

Ever wondered how close trawlers can come in the shore?

All legal........The distance & being legal to trawl so close in did surprise me, but the Fishery Officer said they weren't doing anything wrong.


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