Monday, 15 August 2011

A trip up north.

Just over a week ago we headed up north, 6 hours driving to York. Really great city to visit, friendly & one of the safest places I've felt walking around. Thankfully the weather held off, just a few showers over night with the exception of a heavy downpour/thunderstorm whilst shopping in the city centre with my wife.
There is a fishing report in a minute! Lol.


Firstly, my thanks to Ian & Andy for making me welcome. You really have some great fishing marks, and yet there is still so much more coastline to explore with the lures.
I got to fish a couple of sessions while up there, the first being an evening over high water. We were fishing along side each other, Andy was the 1st in, then Ian, while it appeared I was on the wrong side of the gully! Ian & Andy were still catching, but yet my account was still closed, a quick call over from them both to try another area & bang! Fish on! Cheers to you both!
From the start this bass went like hell, a real big hit, rod arched over & a very spirited fight from a fish of around 3lb'ish. But as soon as they turned on, the fishing with one fell swoop went dead for all.
The next day was more of a walk about over several marks on a different state of tide, saw fish, but none landed. Next time..........
The Yorkshire coastline has some great looking marks to explore, hopefully there will be a return visit.
Thanks lads.

 Blessed clear skies.

Shimano rarerium, borrowed from Mark, cheers buddy. The rod - DFR 8ft 6' 8-28g lure, this rod has some real poke to it!

Chartreuse feed shallow, this has worked well for me over reefs at first light, the time of day when dark turns to light. You get the chance to see the lures back clearly, then hopefully from beneath the glimpse of silver on attack.

I have been using my 9ft 6' 8-28g lure rod for a while now and not so much the 8ft 6', I think this may change, very impressed with casting and the 'feel'.

As with most places, when you are a guest on other peoples fishing marks, pictures are limited, and respect is shown for there wishes on reports and pics. Thank you.

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