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Okuma Trio fishing reels - review.

Review - 12 months plus after use.
Below is a picture of the Okuma Trio, original black model. Well I have to say I was impressed!
BUT, now after last season & a few uses this year the reel has finally given up! This was my choice of reel last year, price was good, weight and appearance looked to be inline with my ideas of what I wanted. I have to say though it did last 1 season, depends if you class it as a throw away piece of tackle?
It was cleaned after every trip, & never abused. The prime & only use was for lure fishing (saltwater), the reel has now ceased up.
It lived up to the videos I watched before purchase, but last year was a short season bass fishing due to an injury. I'm not sure if it would have lived up to the normal 2-3 weekly trips for 10-12 months of the year?
The appearance is great, clean lines & light in comparison to other reels in the same price range.

Okuma Trio - original black, size 40.

Review - Okuma Trio High Speed FD (gold/orange & black).
I purchased this reel mid-May 2011, sent back to the supplier 20th July 2011!
The same again, on paper looks great & to top it off I was told that I could use the spool from the original Trio above on this new version reel. That was, & still is another downfall of the Trio, no spare spool! All was looking good for about 6 weeks then I noticed the reel starting to stiffen up, not good for a reel so new.
The reel was cleaned after each trip, only used maybe12-20 times for sessions of about 4-6 hours, no time at all even for a lower priced reel.
OK, I may have had a bad one from a batch, but faith now gone. I sent this one back to the original supplier, but due to the amount of time in waiting to get another one back in exchange, I have asked for my money back.
In the time whilst this one was sent back, I thought I'd get away with using the original black. Have a guess what happened once I sent the FD back, you got it, the original ceased up to!
I am really disapointed at how what looked good on paper for price, weight etc, looked brilliant.
I bought the reels with the idea they are for saltwater, well that was what I was told. Not sure if they are? Has anyone had problems in freshwater?

Above: Okuma Trio High Speed FD 40 (gold/orange & black) with original black spool.

Above: Okuma Trio High Speed FD 40 (gold/orange & black)


  1. Totally agree Richard on the Trio reels, my mate burnt out 2 in 3 weeks, down to inproper use.. maybe. However, ive had mine for about 3 months and its starting to make all sorts of noises though I clean and grease me gear at least once a week.

    1. if you grease your gear once a week its gonna dry up but if you grease it once a year like your supposed to that wont happen.whan grease bundles up week by week it hardens causing the nioses

  2. I just had one seize up on me as well. When it worked, it worked nicely. I have ony used it 7 or 8 times and I am disappoionted with the quality. there seems to be a problem with the lever for the anti-reverse and the gears associated with that. Sending mine back to see what can be done about it.

    1. ive found my spare trio was rusty from the factory,but the one i used all last season had been greased and oiled and has not been a problem at all.ive disassembled the whole reel cleaned the roller bearings and ball bearings applied oil grease and its working fine.these reels are reasonably well sealed from water,but it will get down the main shaft and then rust the roller bearings its these that make the noise.

  3. The bail arm on mine was always too thick and bent strangely causing the braid to on occasion not make it round to the bail arm roller when winding and cause terrible tangles (which drove me insane). Only use it spooled with nylon now and are using a Quantum Catalyst Saltwater for braid I picked up on offer for £60. Its a superb smooth reel with a far higher build quality than the Trio, my advice would be buy if you can find one at the right price!



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