Sunday, 21 August 2011

New bait rods?

Due to the last operation on my hand, it has now got me thinking? I know, impossible some of you would say......

I may have to switch to fixed spool for a while until I have full strength back to the fingers & left hand. The rods I have & use are 14ft, due to the weight of these a change of plan is needed. I am looking at the Century range, the low diameters in particular which on paper appear to tick the required boxes.

The two that have the edge are the Tip Tornado LD (Low Diameter) & the new Tip Tornado LD Super Match.
Anyone using with preferences?
Both cast up to 150g + bait, no differences between them there.
From the Century website.
"The existing Tip Tornado LD has been a huge success both for Century and anglers alike. The deceptive power in such a low diameter rod has gained a strong following. The look and feel of this rod has been accepted as truly innovative.
The logical progression was the Super Match version that delivers enhanced bite sensitivity for anglers that look for tip movement rather than rattle bites when fishing smooth ground. The new LD Super Match develops a sweet J curve under initial compression and the composite phased tapers - we call Gearbox Design - allow a progressive and user friendly delivery of  stored energy in the cast. The LD Super Match is distinctly different from the Tip Tornado LD model featuring increased power storage capability in the lower section and a finer, more sensitive tip".

I have been told I won't be disappointed with either, but maybe get both? An excuse to get my son a set of rods!

Next, I need a set of fixed spool reels!

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