Friday, 26 August 2011

Okuma Trio (orignal) - Strip & service

The saga continues!

Nothing to loose now, the orignal has ceased, the new model has gone back (got a refund). And the living hell of internet shopping taking it's time to answer questions! Certainly won't be using the internet shop I bought it from again.......

Strip & service of the original Trio.  On this service I am not taking apart the bail arm assembly or front drag.

Try and make sure you have evrything at hand.
Plenty of kitchen roll (or alike), lighter fluid, reel oil, grease, & tools. This will depend on the reel you are working on.

Remove the spool.

 Remove the washers from under the spool, remember the sequence and place them down on some paper in the position they need to go back on in.

Undo the screw in the picture.

Undo the rotor nut in the picture.

Remove the rotor.

Undo & remove the handle.

Remove the 3 screws that hold down the bearing plate.

Remove the 2 washers.

Take the spring off, be careful for it not to fly off.

Remove the side plate casing, 1 screw & 3 alum key screws.

Remove the drive gear & bearings.

The transmission gear has a red arrow on it. This will need to be linned up to the drive gear when putting back together.

Remove the oscillation slider plate.

Remove main shaft, bearings, washers & rotor nut.

Remove the transmission gear.

Remove the ball bearing plate.

Remove ball bearings, be aware that now the cover holding the ball beariings in can now fall off and the bearings fall out.

Make sure you lay the parts out logically as you took them off. This will allow you to put everything back together with alot more ease. 

Flush out bearings with lighter fuel. I use small plastic lids for this, means you don't waste alot of fluid! 

Everything separated and being cleaned.

Drying out.

Going back together.

Drive gear cleaning.

Flush out bearings, and allow to dry.

Clean main shaft and bearings as in above pictures.

Rust in the housing, needs to be cleaned out.

Start putting back together.

Transmission gear first.

Make sure the red dots on the transmission gear & drive gear line up.

Slot the slider over the raised 'knob' on the transmission gear.

Screw back the oscillating slider plate.

Start putting the main shaft, bearings, washers & rotor nut back in place.  

Screw down the pinionbearing fixed plate.

Don't forget to clip the spring back in.

Oil & grease.

Grease on the main shaft where pointed & gears.

Oil the bearings, not to much!

Screw the side plate casing on.

Washers back down.

Rotor back on.

Lock the rotor nut back in place.

Tighten down the screw.

Washers back on.
Spool back on.

Reel back together.

No problems with doing the above. Just take your time and work logically.


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