Friday, 8 July 2011

Last few trips

Since the last write up at the end of June a few more trips out have taken some bass. The biggest being a a little under 58cm, with a couple at 50cm. Felt great again to find the fish in a feeding mood.

The 1st of the sessions produced smaller bass in the hours of dark to light, these can be my favourite times of the day as most things start to come to life. The bait fish are moving and the predators are not far behind, sea birds diving with the sun rising.

Chatreuse Feed Shallow taking the above 2 fish at first light.

The 2nd session! No bass for me on this one but a fish.............

Now the Sassuke 140 in its mouth is one of my favourite lures, it has so much of it that purely looks like a bass slayer? But, this lure has now taken wrasse, mackerel, pollack & bass.

The 3rd session was one of mixed weather which eventually got blown off.
The water was clear, the surf was looking great, white water everywhere, perfect conditions. What started as a strong but fishable wind changed to one that you could lean into with your body weight and be supported. This changed the water clarity, to one that would have still been fishable if the wind hadn't strengthened.
5 bass in total for this one, 1 just under 58cm, a couple at 50cm & a couple of 45's thrown in.
No one lure took all the fish, but it was a day that saw a couple more lost and heavier sinking lures needed to work against the wind and tide.

I am spoilt for choice when it comes to the rods!
The rod that covers most of my clean ground lure work is normally either the 10ft 6' or 9ft 6' T-Russell bass rods, they can give me that extra distance that I am looking for, to cover the ground further out. With the extra distance gained, the sinking lures have more time being fished at depth.

New blanks are on there way.......................................

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