Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cane Fly Rod

I normally wouldn't have done this!

As a favour to a customer I took on building a cane fly rod, he already had the blank which had been sat around for a few years waiting to be built by himself as a project.

Time consumming!

He had a couple of other cane rods which were used as base templates, these were the rods that he wanted the new one to fish and feel like.  
The design brief was to use modern components, resins & threads on the cane blank.
The end result, words from my customer.
"I tried the cane rod today, and with my #5 Hardy Marquis and floating line it casts very sweetly indeed", "it is smooth as silk and lands the fly gently, it's a lovely job".



  1. That's a nice looking rod!

    They are all the rage in the States where cane rods are almost out selling top range carbon rods and have a very dedicated following.

    Wish I still had my old split cane rod to do a comparison - but I gave it away nearly 40 years ago when I bought my first glass rod.

  2. nice rod.. A simple definition a bamboo fly rod is a fly fishing rod that is made out from bamboo which many people also refers to as a cane. This type of fishing rod is the most preferred by anglers because it carries within it a combined strength and versatility due to its high density fiber content.
    For more information about Bamboo Fly Rod feel free to click the link

  3. Interesting stuff Richard.....Ive got a split cane that needs looking at - will bring it down next time Im over...

    Hope youre well (heard your catching so thats good!)





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