Saturday, 18 June 2011

Had a trip out with Mark Padfield (Mark333) on Thursday night!
Well what can I say, except 'Jammy Git', first cast, fish on.

It was the ideal night for where we had planned, but better than sitting at home all evening wondering what if?
Weed everywhere, a strong south/south westerly wind and the occasional rain cloud. Don't mind the cloud especially if looking to fish off the top, really enjoying this method more and more. It's the visual connection you have with the lures, seeing the hits and missed takes. Stopping the lure as a fish rises and then the twitch to regain interest. Well off the top wasn't on the cards with such a strong tide & side wind.
With the spring tide the main of the fishing was with soft plastics aimed at the bottom between the rocks and weed. This accounted for the one and only fish to Mark at around 50cm on the bass tape. I hadn't even set up as he said, I'm in, did I believe him, hell no! we're known for mickey taking and pulling the others legs, well thats exactly what I thought he was doing until it started in the spirited fight in the tide.
It was taken on a paddle tail worked hard with a ripping motion to get that tail going.
We moved to a couple of other marks and fished into the dark. I saw one other bass just as darkness fell, but it turned away at the last moment as I was working the sp along with a shoal of baitfish.
Pollack everywhere, not big, but not my target species so no change to smaller sp's and hooks.
Hopefully out again next week, just need to keep a check on the wind, the water may be a bit coloured up for certain areas, but around Dorset there is always a corner to fish somewhere.

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