Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's not all bass!

It's not always bass!
One of my favourite ways of lure fishing is off the top, vivid action that you can see! This was one of many pollack caught on 29th April 2011, lost count in the end. Off the top, shallow divers, it didn't matter what we put on, they just kept coming. The lure in the photo is a Smith Zipsea,
( http://www.monstertackle.co.uk/b/fishinglures/smith-zipsea-pen.html ).
The wrasse in the top picture took this Cultiva lure

9 bass & 1 gar.

This was 1 of 9 bass on the 24th April, all off the top on a sunny afternoon. The biggest being 50cm, around 2lb on the bass tape. All the bass were caught on a Sammy ( http://www.monstertackle.co.uk/b/fishinglures/lucky-craft-saltwater-sammy-115.html ) or Gunfish ( http://www.monstertackle.co.uk/fishinglures/lucky-craft-Saltwater-Gunnish-115.html )
The 1 gar came off the top to, I saw it follow the Sammy, then with a couple of missed attempts at it, it foul hooked itself!

First bass of 2011.

After a couple of trips out with no fish showing I finally opened my account for 2011, 24th April. A bass of around 2 1/2 lbs, but the first of hopefully many to come.
It was taken off the top on a Caperlan surface 'walk the dog' style lure.

This was a great trip out with one of my new Japanese blanks. 10ft 6' casting 8-28g.

Late last year.

This was late last year, 2010. Only a small fish, but with the cold weather starting to bite they were still present.

Early or late?

This was from a catch in December 2009 (I think)! Maria Chase BW tempting this small schoolie
https://www.veals.co.uk/acatalog/Sub_Surface.html .
Now, was this a late or early season fish, we can if lucky have bass all year round. A warm winter will help this along.
I'm sure that some bass will stay in the waters all year, while others move offshore.


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