Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chesil Bait 'N' Tackle / Facebook

Well they finally got the shop on Facebook.....

Pop in and visit a local shop for your lure fishing needs, but don't forget they stock more than lure tackle! Speak to Mike & Gill & Andy(fish) & Mandy.

Saltwater tackle & bait -
Freshwater tackle & bait

Savagear - Major Craft - IMA - Megabass - Lunker City - Hokkaido - Maria - FTEC - Evergreen - Keitech - Snowbee - Redgill - Sidewinder - Berkley - Sakura - ABU - Penn - Mitchell - Shakespeare - IMAX - Okuma - Alcedo - Prologic - Ron Thompson - Dip - Ultima - Sakuma - Korda - JRC - Mainline - Sixthsense - Led Lensor - Coleman - Waterline - WSB - Tronix - Lureflash - Breakaway - Gemini - Profish - Kamasan - DAM - Zebco - Quantum - Fin-Nor - Van Staal - Browning - Rhino

Lots more to come!

Friday, 23 December 2011

St Croix 10-50g Lure rod

St Croix ~ 9ft 6' ~ 10-50g casting ~ 12/25lb line class lure rod.

Fuji seat, Matagi rod components, Pac-Bay minima 4 guides.


Harrisons Torrix P2

The P1, P2 & and P3 Torrix Beachcaster range from Harrisons Advanced Rods.
There are three models in the series, P1, P2 & P3. They all have parallel butt sections with put in tip sections, but smaller butt diameters. They have the Torrix lay of high modulus UD carbon, & a diamond cut tapered joint.
  • Harrison P1 Estuary Blank
    The Harrison P1 is the lightest & slimmest in the range. The P1 is the starter in the series making an excellent match rod. Casting 3oz to 4oz leads with ease, and will cast up to 5oz This is an excellent estuary rod, at 14 ft it allows longer traces to be cast.
    Tip dia 3.8mm
    Butt dia 21.5mm
    Weight 500 grams
    14ft, 2 sections
  • Harrison P2 all rounder beachcasting blank
    The Harrison P2 blank in the middle of the P range. Casting 4 to 6oz & is an excellent all rounder for most beach fishing work, great power to weight & sensitivity. Reel up or down this blank won't let you down, whether you are match fishing or leisure, this blank is a pleasure fish with.
    Tip dia 3.9 mm
    Butt dia 22.5 mm
    Weight 640 grams
    14ft, 2 sections
  • Harrison P3 Tournament Blank
    The Harrison P3 is a strong fast actioned rough ground rod developed with top tournament casters. Excellent power, casting 5-7oz.
    Tip dia 4.0mm
    Butt dia 23 mm
    Weight 783 grams
    14ft, 2 sections 
Below are pictures of the P2 unground, Fuji 'K' guides (polished frame / Alconite centre).


Not just lure rods!

Harrisons ~ Torrix ~ 12ft ~ 3.25tc
These blanks from Harrisons are truely one of the best carp blanks on the market today. Capable of the English and european carp fishing giants, but don't forget they'll tame those cats to!

Fuji DNPS seats, Pac-Bay Minima 4 guides, minimal design shrink wrap rear grip & custom decals.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

DFR Lure Rod - 8ft 6’ ~ 5 – 22g CW ~ Line class 0,6 – 1,5 PE

Dorset Fishing Rods ~ Bass Lure Special 
Length 8ft 6'
Casting weight 5-22 grams
Line class 0.6-1.5 PE

Japanese spigot joint fast action slim blank.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Time for a catch up!

It's been a while since posting.

Appologies to people I have missed with phone calls and emails, but due to a family illness and work changes other priorites have had to come first.

I have made it out fishing a few times, which has produced a few good bass, including a new PB!

Sunday 25th September:
Produced the PB 6 1/2lb fish along with a few other smaller ones.
Wet & windy with a building sea gave me the prize, then put back to swim away.
One of the 'Hokkaido' lures from Chesil Bait 'N' Tackle tempted this one.

 6 1/2lb Dorset PB.

Sunday 9th October:
Got out early today, a bit breezy, but fish about.
Not big numbers, & conditions were getting worse as the morning went on. The sea was going greener and dirtier (well water clarity was sh***. Lol), wind picking up to 20mph plus!
Managed to catch, off the top and below. No blank.
Only small fish, but conditions dictated the choice of lures.With the water clarity not being great, looking for something with more noise (rattle, vibration etc).
Complete mix, bright sun and low clarity!
The colour for me was one that would pick up better on visual in low visability, but something the sun would pick out. Bright chartreuse colour, pearl rainbow, gold/orange. Also needed something to cast into a 20+mph wind, Could look at the jig type or the more airodynamic minnows around a weight of 20g+, my personal choice. Zonk 120 chartreuse.
On the top, gunfish virtually works everywhere, just the colour variations.
The ghost colours normally being the opaque clear allowing more light to filter through.

Saturday 30th October:
Finally got the chance with a couple of friends that has taken a while to sort dates!
Met with Andy Philips / Hooks, Line & Sinkers
Nobby & 1 of his work mates. An early meet up in the car park then the long walk!
Expectations were fairly high, but then I hadn't been fishing for a while and just getting out was a bonus. In the dark the smell of sea weed washed up on the big tides made for promising fishing, but as the light levels came up so did the colour of the water. The 1st fish was a small pollack followed by a bass of around 3 1/2-4lb. The water was some what green in colour with the clarity declining as the tide was rising. The wind was always increasing and colouring the water even more. Andy got one out from the dirty weeded water on a Komono II.

So the next trip?
Don't know yet when, but as long as the tide rises nd falls I will be back some point!

Almost forgot the new Tiger Wrap!


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